Case Study
The beauty of having an established workshop with dedicated and highly skilled engineers is that the imagination is the only limit to what can be manufactured and, if you have a sketch or an idea then we have the skills to present a final product.


Meddings fabriction
We can provide on or off site welding facilities, in Mig, Tig, Arc or Gas, our team of welders are coded to BS 4872, which enables Meddings Engineering to weld all materials to international standards.
Design and manufacture of bespoke fabrications, special projects and production welding.


CNC Lathes and equipment
Meddings Engineering has a range of CNC and manual machines coupled with a skilled workforce that can provide a manufacturing service which is both diverse and able to meet stringent customer requirements.
Our skilled machinists and engineers are experienced at working with a wide variety of materials from aluminium to stainless steels and aerospace alloys.
We can offer machining up to 2 metres long with the biggest working envelope of 1.8m x 1m x 0.6m

Control Panels

Control Panels
A complete design, manufacture and installation service can be provided from within our in house facilities.
Our team of electrical design and manufacturing engineers allow you to be supplied with complete products from the one facility. The ability to talk to your control panel designer to have a unit built to your requirements.
Meddings Engineering will provide customers with many different products including: wire looms, control panels, special electrical control equipment.

Capacity List

2 Off C.N.C. Lathes
1 ECOCA SJ25B chucker 280mm Dia, barfeed capacity 52mm.
1 Colchester Tornado A90 with barfeed
Manual Machines
4 Bridgeport Turret milling machines.
3 Horizontal mills with vertical heads.
2 Colchester Triumph 2000 lathes.
2 Surface grinders,
24” x 8” x 6” table.
2 Cylindrical grinders
8”dia x 16” between centres.
1 Sykes Horizontal gear hobber.
1 Lapointe Horizontal broaching machine.
1 Delapena Vectical Honing machine.
1 Kitchen and Walker Radial Drill
5 Off C.N.C Machining Centres Machines
1 VMC 760 Bridgeport,
760 x 500 x 450 table.
1 VMC P1000 Dugard, NEW September 2013
1050 x 550 x 400 table, part indexer.
1 Kitchen & Walker,
1700 x 900 x 625 table.
1 V11 Takumi,
1100 x 550 x 550 table.
1 V8 Takumi,
800 x 450 x 500 table.
C.N.C Milling Machines
1 Kitchen and Walker CDM65,
1700 x 900 x 625 table.
Welding and Fabrication
14ft Press Brake.
14ft Pan folder.
14ft Guillotine.
Various Mig, Tig and MMA welding plants.
On or Off site facilities
Special Projects

Quality Policy

The Management and personnel of Meddings Engineering have been operating under the control of a quality system along the lines laid down in the ISO series of standards. The Company places particular emphasis on obtaining client satisfaction by:
Responding promptly to Customer enquiries and orders
A constant pursuit of quality, value and reliability in the products and
services that the Company supplies to its Customers
Customer recognition of the Company’s quality, value
and reliability through referrals and repeat orders
To meet the specified requirement of the Customer, the Company applies a quality system in conjunction with other management controls. The Quality Manual and the Procedures Manual describe the system.
It is the Company’s policy to seek to operate to these standards continuously and to implement and operate fully the ISO 9002 standards through registration and annual review.

Case Study

Case Study
To manufacture the wing struts and the gearbox for a pair of wings which were installed in the Orchid House at Kew Gardens. These wings are to prove shade for the orchids through the summer. The sets of wings are automatically moved up or down according to the weather conditions.
Based upon designs provided by Channings the development of the units was undertaken by Meddings Engineering. With 6 struts of over 9 metres length on each wing, together with the wing fabric the gearbox had to achieve high torque to be able to swing each wing up to it desired position. This work was completed through 3 design changes in 4 months. It was the partnership of the two companies which provided the solution.